Department Of Assamese

About the Department

The department of Assamese, as a distinctive faculty as introduced in 1949,  in the year of establishment of the college. At present, the department has 4 teachers. In addition to those who are working against sanctioned posts, there is one part time teacher in the department. As the college in the Assam has to take the extra responsibility of the graduate classes. There is a healthy and cordial atmosphere in the department which has deep qualitative impact on teaching-learning process.

Learning Resources of the Department

In addition to the college library, the department has its own library, which contains more than 200 invaluable books.The departmental library is open for use by the students during college hours. The department has its own computer to carry out its activities. Internet are also available now for both the teachers and the students.

Facilities available in the Department

Digital Projector for Class

Cultural Museum

e-Resource and Modern learning tecniques


Hirimpa Saikia

M.A., M.Phil (Assamese)

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