Guidelines For Students' Rights/Entitlement

       Students’ Rights/UGC Guidelines on Student Entitlements:

Students are the basic foundation of any educational institution. Hence they are accorded their due place of recognition and 

right. As per the mandatory UGC Guidelines issued in 2013, students of this college, like all others studying in higher educational institutions across the country, have the following rights/entitlements. (Text of the UGC Guidelines has been quoted verbatim below)

       Guidelines for Students’ Rights/Entitlement:

These guidelines have been issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in order to help students, teachers, administrators and institutions understand what the minimum entitlements of the students are. These guidelines apply to all the colleges and universities in the country (this expression includes every institutions of higher education even if it is not called college/university) without any exception. It shall be mandatory for every college/university to publish the present Guidelines in full in its Prospectus and also post it on the homepage of its website. Fulfillment of these entitlements imposes obligations on educational institutions, administrators, policy makers, teachers and students themselves. If these obligations are not met, a student can approach the Grievance Redressal Authority or the Ombudsman. Any serious or persistent violation of these Guidelines can be brought to the notice of the University Grants Commission and can be the basis of punitive action against the offender. Some of the provisions stated here are already covered by existing laws or Rules and Regulations of the UGC. But the students shall continue to enjoy all the right under existing laws, rules and regulations which may not have been mentioned in these Guidelines.