Message From The Principal

JDSG principal

Dear Students,

                      It gives me pleasure to welcome you all to this Institute of higher education. Ours is the last college situated in the westernmost part of Dibrugarh University. This institute, strategically located by the NH 37 just adjacent to Kaziranga National Park, is the premier institute of higher learning for hundreds of educated youths and we have been relentlessly trying to live up to our stated mission and vision, i.e., ‘Education for Justice and Peace’. Started humbly in 1964, the college has come a long way contributing to the nation building process inculcating in the students values with theoretical and practical education which enables them to help themselves, the peripheral society and the country as a whole.

              Dear Students, we have moderate infrastructure in terms of classrooms, office-rooms, lab, ICT-enabled classrooms, Video-conferencing hall, modern gym, a well-maintained playground, a canteen with moderate arrangements for refreshment, a good library, a museum of local art and history, separate hostels for boys and girls, auditorium hall, etc. We also have Kaziranga Study Centre, a Centre for the study of Art and Culture, two Units of NSS, etc. where leaners can engage themselves meaningfully to whet their talents and skills for nation building.

              Dear Students, as the new academic session begins this year, we hope that you would create a healthy educational ambience all through the year abiding by all the rules and regulations of the college and of a good, budding citizen. I am sure that you will endeavor to direct your academic pursuits and other activities in such a manner that they bring good name to self, your locality and the state. I sincerely hope that the bud of education that you have carried along so far would have the right environment here to blossom into a full flower which would spread its fragrance to the locality. I am sure that with your devotion, sincerity, punctuality, discipline and, above all, with your zeal for knowledge, you will be successful in all of your efforts.

Dr. Jayanta Gogoi


M.Com., LL.B., Ph.D.