Apart from all other rules and regulations a good citizen must obey, the students admitted to this college are to mandatorily abide by the following college Rules and Regulations.
a. Students are to abide by the UGC (Curbing the Menace of Ragging) Regulation, 2009 in letter and spirit. Ragging is strictly banned inside the college premises. Students found to be involved in any form of Ragging will be expelled from the college as per the order of the Supreme Court.
b. Use of Mobile phones by students inside the college campus is strictly prohibited.
Otherwise a fine Rs. 500 will be imposed on the students found violating this rule.
c. Only License holder students are to be allowed to bring Scooter/Motor-Cycle/ Scooty to College.
d. Students must keep the college campus and Building/Classrooms clean.
e. The pasting or circulation of any notice by the students in the college requires prior approval of the Principal.
f. No person shall be invited to address any meeting in the college without the prior permission of the college authority.
g. Students must come with proper uniform and Identity card.
h. Students must abide by all rules & regulations of the college. Violation of rules, irregular attendance, irregular clearance of college dues, adoption of any unfair means in examination etc. leads to disciplinary action.
I. A student who fails to attend at least 80% of the classes a calendar year will be declared non collegiate student and be allowed to sit for the examinations only on payment of a fine of Rs. 500.00. But those who fail to attend at least 60% of the classes will be declared as dis-collegiate and debarred from appearing in the examination.
j. Chewing betel-nut, Pan, tobacco and various types of Pan- Masala like Gutkha, Sikhor, Rajanigandha etc. inside the campus is strictly prohibited. Any student violating this rule will be punished.
Maintenance of Discipline

The following activities of the students in the College will be treated as serious offences and disciplinary action will be taken if any one violates the rules of the college. In case of any offence
committed by a student, the Disciplinary Committee’s decision is final and binding:
i) Encouraging and involvement in ragging of any type. Ragging is now prohibited by law as well. FIR will be lodged in the Police Station when such incident occurs
ii) Forcible disruption of Classes.
iii) Destruction of college properties like desk-benches, chairs, walls, doors and windows, electrical appliances, sports goods etc.
iv) Misbehaviour towards the members of the College family.
v) Use of drugs, narcotics and smoking within the campus.
vi) Tearing of leaves of library books.
vii) Any kind of activities detrimental to the academic atmosphere of the campus.
viii) Roaming in the corridors during off period is prohibited.
ix) Every student must have his/her identity card while in the college.
x) Spitting inside the class rooms, writing on the desks or on the walls are also strictly prohibited.
xi) Scooters, Motor cycles and Bicycles are to be parked in allotted places with the proper lock & key. The college authority will not be responsible for loss of these conveyances.
xii) Students should make it a practice to peep at college notice board. The college authority will not be responsible if any student suffers for not following the orders displayed in the notice board.
xiii) The male student must not enter the Girls’ Common Room without the prior permission of the principal. Similarly, girl students are also not allowed to enter the Boys’ Common Room.


All students must attend the college in prescribed Uniforms

Uniform for Degree students :

For Boys - White formal shirt and formal black trouser. The leg bottom of the trouser must be 40 to 50 cm wide and not less. Boys must not wear jeans and narrow fitting trousers. T-shirts and jeans are not allowed.

For Girls - White mekhela chadar with blue border or white churidar/salwar kurta (length upto knees) with navy blue churni/ dupatta. Girls must not wear leggings and short kurtas.

For HS Students
Boys -Black Pant and Light purple colour shirt
Girls -White Patiala Pant, Light purple colour kurta and white churni/dupatta

During winter, both boys & girls should wear Navy Blue (Light Purple colour Sweater/Blazer for the HS students) Sweater/Blazer only.
Please Note:  Students without proper uniform and I-Card will not be allowed to enter into the college campus or to attend the classes.

Identity Card:
All bona-fide students of the college will be issued Identity Cards which they must possess at all times.(HS Course two years/Degree Course three years) For Identity card a student must furnish a stamp size recent photograph, information about his/her blood group, personal identity mark, mother/fathers/guardians name, telephone number, etc. The I Card must be duly signed by the principal. In case of loss of Identity Card a student must obtain a fresh card after paying Rs. 100/only. The Identity card will serve as Library card also.

Please note that from the last Academic Session provision has been made to issue Smart Identity Cards with advanced technology-based features with a payment of Rs. 80/-(Eighty Only) included in the prescribed admission fees.

1. Academic Schedule for 2016-17 session of BA/B.Com Three Years’ Semester Course Academic Calendar enclosed towards the end of this Prospectus. Students for the UG Programme shall have to follow this schedule and all academic, cultural, sports and examination related activities will be guided by these Regulations.

2. Dibrugarh University Regulations for the B.A./B.Sc./B.Com Programmes in the Semester System, 2013(as amended from time to time)

a. Students taking admission this year will be regulated by this Regulations of Dibrugarh University. It has been six years since the Semester system was introduced in the UG Programme by Dibrugarh University way back in 2011. It was adopted with a view to modernizing and bringing new innovations in the teaching-learning process. Students enrolled for this academic session will be under these Regulations or any amendment that the UniversityAuthority brings about.

b. The said semester system shall be of three years’ duration comprising of six semesters with the following nomenclature:
1st, 3rd and 5th SemesterODD SEMESTER
2nd, 4th and 6th SemesterEVEN SEMESTER
c. Structure of courses of the Programme

B.A./B.Com Programmes will have the following components, viz.

Compulsory Courses: The compulsory component of these courses is to be compulsorily studied by all students.

Major Course: Major courses shall be opted for on their own choice (subject to minimum marks and qualifying in test conducted by the concerned department) by the students. This component is optional and non-mandatory.

d. Attendance: Students having less than 80% attendance shall not be permitted to sit in the End Semester Examination. The Principal, with inputs from the Heads of Department shall announce names of the students who will not be eligible to appear in the End Semester Examination in those courses due to non-fulfilment of the criteria of internal assessment and attendance. A copy of this will be sent to the University. In such cases the student shall have to re-admit himself in the concerned courses in the next batch.

The curricula/syllabi are as per DU Notification. Students can also log in to the Dibrugarh University website www.dibru.ac.in for regular update of notifications, results, etc.

Rules of Internal Assessment:
a)There shall be 20% marks for Internal Assessment and 80% marks for end semester examination in each course during every semester.
b)The distribution of the marks allotted for internal assessment (20%) would be as follows: Sessional Examination I (Written)   5
Sessional Examination II (Written)   5
Seminar/Group Discussion   5
Attendance   5
c)There shall be no provision for “repeat” or “betterment” in the Sessional Examination.
d)If a student fails to appear in the internal assessment tests, he/she shall not be eligible to appear in the end semester examination of the course(s) concerned.
e)In internal assessment, different tools may be applied. One or more assessment tools such as objective tests, written tests, paper presentation, laboratory work, etc, suitable to the courses.
f)The students shall be informed in advance about the nature of assessment. Students
must attend internal assessment, failing which they will not be allowed to appear in the End-semester examination. A student cannot repeat in semester examinations. The department may arrange special semester examination wherever necessary.

N.B - In subjects involving practical, the distribution of marks of internal assessment would be as mentioned in the syllabus of the subject concerned.

Notice of Modification in the D.U. regulation for BA/B.Com/B.Sc programme
The 105th Meeting of Academic Council, Dibrugarh University, has approved modification of the clauses 11(d) 11(e) of D.U. regulation for BA/B.Com/B.Sc programme in the semester system 2010 as below -
11(d) (1) : A candidate shall be entitled to a maximum of three (3) consecutive chances to clear a semester.
Provided that a candidate may avail a special chance (i.c. forth chance) only once in any o
ne of the end semester examinations. In no circumstances, the total number of chances to qualify for the degree shall exceed nineteen. (6 semester x3 chances = 18 chances + 1 special chance in any one of the semester)

11.(e):A student must pass all his/her semester examinations within six (6) years from the date of admission to the first semester of any programme.

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